Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Source for Inexpensive Art

While helping source out some art for a friend, I came across a fabulous site.  It's called Image Kind.  Artists of all kinds download their works of art and allow you to print out the size and quality paper you want!  This site is downright fun!  Whatever you're looking for, they have.  Let me take you on a little journey to show you what you could use this site for.

I started off looking for unique art of my church's temples. I found so many unique and artsy shots. There are so many styles, from stunning photos:

Ken Fortie 

James Neeley

Kory Trapane

To creative altered images:
Daniel Vineyard

Ryan Houston

Bryce Gandy

Ryan Houston

Kristofer Sundberg

Mark Evans

To Traditional Watercolors and Drawings of the Temples:

Terry Springer

Amy Zeleski

Paul Duke

Aren't all the styles amazing?  You get to pick what size you want it to be and what quality of paper.  Then, to keep costs really down, frame it yourself.  If you like one artist's style, you can look at their gallery for other works or views.

Art for your home should have some meaning to you and your family. What about looking up places you were raised (like the Adirondacks, where I was raised:)

Cat Scott

Lolly Fleming

Or where You live now (chicago for me):

Milena Ilieva

Karen Margulis

How about finding art of places you've vacationed or want to visit:

Jonathan Haber

Andrzej Szczerski

Nose Prints Studio

Brandon Specketer

Brian Eden

Miguel Angel Zaboni

Try searching for an interest you have.  Consider grouping a few different works by the same artist to fill a larger wall.  Maybe vintage cars, maps, trains, Maori boats, or whatever!
My choices for Maps are:
Jessica Barten Hagen

Michael Tompsett

Michael Tompsett

My Choices for fun vintage objects:

Michael Tompsett

Boat ideas:

Linda Plaisted

Gorgeous Scenes:

American Fork Canyon by Ryan Houston

Adirondacks by Lee Shelley

Pamela Phelps

Maybe you love history and want a touch of it in your art.  I would love this one:

Liberty Maniacs

Or how about something fun for your child's room:

Robert Holewinski

(Star Wars Fans MUST have these!)

Or just something fun and quirky:

 Lisa Whipkey

Jana Cooksey

Or go with an Abstract that has the colors you're using in your room's decor:

Shari Nees

Nancy Ramirez

Shari Nees

Do you catch the vision of how much fun this site can be for decorating your home?  Prices average around $30 for a 16 x 20!!!  You just can't beat that price.  You'll be getting something that isn't what EVERYONE has right now from the big box stores.  You get to customize your taste and interests in your artwork and also support these talented artists.

Of course the hard part is narrowing it down....

A Few DIY Framing Hints:
-If you have access to a mat cutter, you can not only save tons on framing, but can more easily re-use old frames and "make" it fit. For my friends that live nearby, I do have one that I'd be happy to help you use.
-Check Goodwill, resale shops and garage sales for beautiful frames.  I usually have to spray paint them another color, but I've found HUGE to ornate to unusual sizes by shopping this way (not to mention saving tons!) I even found some really oversize ones on craigslist.
-I love to buy mat board at Hobby Lobby (it goes on sale every other week there.) Michael's carries only limited colors, but they do have some. Dick Blick also carries mat board.
-If you do need to buy a new frame, I use either Michael's when they have their monthly 40% off + an extra 25% off sale or Hobby Lobby when their frames are on sale (usually every other week.)

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  1. I think this is my new favorite site! Just in time, now that I think my folks might have the decorate bug again and I have to capitalize on it.


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