Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Internet Inspirations

It's been a little while since I rounded up some of the great ideas and images I've come across on the internet. So here goes:

The blog, Gorgeous Shiny Things, gives a great tutorial of how to do your own mercury glass-look for furniture. She wanted to have that mirrored look on the cabinet fronts, but didn't have the space for thick glass. She did this with contact paper film! And if you've never seen what overlays can do for furniture, read about it there also.

This isn't the greatest picture, but can you see this designer's double mantel?  Love that look.

Here's a great tutorial of how to make a huge map like those in the high-end catalogs:

I love this picture not only for the fun style, but that dresser is so cute.  Take a plain front dresser (especially those IKEA ones) and glue on letters like this for a darling look:

How about this idea for a ground slide:

I'm a big reader so I'm kind of a sucker for bookcases, especially in unexpected places like the kitchen. I like the shape of the shelves and how the desk is curved to fit in better.  That air return is disguised well by it.

I just discovered this new website called Free Vintage Posters.  All these images are copyright free so you can download them and have them printed out in any size you want at your copy shop or photo developers. You can't get stylish art much cheaper! 
I found a couple of really fun family history charts from etsy that make a meaningful piece of art for your home or as a gift:

And while on the subject of family trees, how cute is this four generation picture:

You know I love Annie Sloan Chalk paint, so I love seeing finished pieces with one of the new colors, "Antoinette" pink.  Such a cute combination for a little girl's room or nursery:

This image caught my attention since I have tall windows like this.  I did the two story curtains, but I just might do the lower version like this one did.  I especially like the moulding they added to the windows and the space between them.

I think I might have to make a sign with this quote on it:

On the subject of signs, the use of Longitude and Latitude is all over.  Here are some I like:
MrCityPrinting at etsy

via etsy

It's even on stamped jewelry too:

Well, that's it for this time.  Keep having fun decorating and creating!

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