Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Farewell to Our Chicagoland Home

We've accepted a job in Houston, TX and have the house on the market. I thought it a great time to photograph the home so we can always remember it. So be prepared for a LOT of photos.



On your right as you enter, is our den/office. I've blogged about it's progress before, but we still love how it turned out and how it functions for our family.

Dining Room
Straight forward from the foyer is where we put our dining room. The home originally had this as the sitting room, but we didn't like how it backed to the family room. We wanted the sitting room to be more isolated so the kids could practice their instruments without the TV bothering them. So we swapped the two rooms.

Family Room
Next we enter our two-story family room. We loved how light-filled it is and have enjoyed the openess (though now that the kids are older, we're ready for things not to be quite so open in the next house.)


This is looking up from the split of the stairs that comes off the kitchen side.

Sitting Room/Formal Living Room
Here's what was originally the dining room and that we now use as a quiet place to read, practice instruments and keep in nicer condition for company.

Now we've come full circuit back to the foyer. On your left is a 1/2 bath and the door to the basement,

and then on your right is a coat closet, the door to the garage and the laundry room.

At the top of the stairs, we have a small landing where our elliptical sits, a hall bath and four bedrooms.

Younger Boys' Room

Teen Boys' Room

Hall Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

I've done quite a few posts on this before, so if you want to see more visit my archives. As a refresher, the slide entrance is just to your left as you descend the stairs.

At the base of the stairs, you go left for the two bedrooms, straight for the bathroom, and right is the main rec room.


Main Room
From this shot you can see the slide exit just to the left of the stairs.

And that's it. A tour of a house we turned into a home. We have ten years of memories here and look forward to making many new ones in the next house.

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