Monday, December 5, 2011

Table turned into Ottoman and New Accessories

     Well, I found the lost hardware and here the ottoman is with it's hardware, all buffed up.  I also found a perfect rug for a killer price to help define and ground the space.  The blues, greens and touches of orange tie all the fabrics together perfectly. Yeah!


Here's a long post about how and why I turned an old coffee table into this ottoman:

It was time to replace our couches and I had finally saved up enough money from the furniture I've been refinishing and selling.  I looked just about everywhere and ended up with a set from Ashley.  However, I ended up ordering them through an online distributor.  They go directly to the Ashley Factory and with being based out of Oregon, I didn't have to pay any sales tax.  Plus, shipping was free.  I ended up saving over $300 doing it this way!  I'd highly recommend looking online.

I found the perfect fabric from Waverly.  It had the cooler blue tones I wanted to bring into the room, yet had my burnt orange like in the curtains and greens to match the adjoining dining room. I found it at my new favorite fabric store, Loomcraft.  If you live in the Chicago area, you must RUN, not walk to check it out!  I managed to hit it on a 50% everything day!  The selection is wondeful and they have a great remnant room full of great fabrics, almost all under $5 a yard! 

I don't have the best light today, but here's the online shot of it.  It's called Olana Oxf Bay Leaf.

I made drapes for my kitchen slider out of it

and then made a few pillows for the couches (can I just say how horribly cheap the pillows were that came with the couches?  Awful.)  Within a day of buying the fabric, I changed out those cheap pillows with nice feather pillows (I will never go back to polyfil pillows again. Feather pillows fluff up and retain their shape so much better and stay classy looking! I've even made my own feather pillow forms by buying a King size pillow at Walmart and making about 4-5 pillows out of each one! The cheapest, but messiest way to get feather throw pillows!) I have another coordinating fabric to make another set of pillows for the couch.  I just haven't gotten to that yet.

So, with new couches and the fabric to go off, I needed to replace my "too-contemporary" ottomans. I found a nice coffee table with brass accents and nice caster feet.  I found it at a thrift shop for all of $7.

While solid, the top was horribly water stained and the veneer surface didn't make it a good candidate for restaining.  I gave it a couple of coats of ASCP in Old White, roughed up the edges and applied a couple coats of wax. To turn it into an ottoman, I bought some 3" foam (use a discount coupon because it's expensive stuff.) I had a piece of wood cut to the size of the table top. I then glued the foam to the plywood.

Then, I made a box cushion cover out of a gorgeous blue upholstery fabric with a nice greek key weave to it.  I added welting to help keep the box shape.  I then pulled it over the foam and wood and stapled it on the underside.

To complete the box cushion look, I then stapled more welting.

The top is then screwed to the top of the coffee table from the under side of the table.

The drawer is still missing it's hardware (misplaced by my 4-year old and we're still looking for it! ughhh!) 

I painted it old white to lighten the room up a bit and to match the buffet I redid earlier.

I'm still a bit unsure if I should have gone with a narrower foam or not.  What do you think?

I'm slowly pulling the room together with two vintage travel posters (that have absolutely perfect colors) above the sconce/lanterns and an architectural piece above the TV armoire.

Above the buffet I refinished, I found 3 vintage watercolors at a garage sale for $4 each!

I love the vibrant colors and vintage feel these add to the room.  The accent chairs in this room are up next for a fabric redo on their cushions.  It's amazing how it all kind of snowballs...

What do you think so far? Should I make the foam thinner? Maybe an area rug to ground the space? I like it so far, but it's not quite "finished" (is is EVER?!haha)

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  1. love your new couches!!! it looks amazing!

  2. Oh my!! I need to come check this out. It looks totally fresh and updated and! Well does snowball and never feels finished (just wish we all had an unlimited budget!) Way to go!

  3. Beautiful! Love the couches and the ottoman! I'm an area rug girl so I think a rug would love fab and would anchor the room together! It looks amazing!!

  4. I Love your new couches, fabrics, and ottoman! You have been BUSY! It all looks beautiful and yes, an area rug would be awesome.

  5. Oh it looks so beautiful! I love the colors and fabrics you've found. I agree. I think a rug would pull it all together. So darling.

  6. Erin- great work as always! Love how you create things and pull it all together with such style and ease, beautiful job. One thing we like to do with cushions is to tuft them...maybe that would help with the look you are after?

  7. You have done a fantastic job. I love your style. Please check out my blog and see if we can cross promote.

  8. Your room is fabulous. I love the colors.

  9. This is awesome!!! Such a great job. I have a couple questions because I'm about to attempt this. 1) How do you figure out how much fabric you need (including what you need for the welting, etc)? 2) What screws did you use to attach the plywood to the table? And did you drill pilot holes or just lined it up and drilled through both?


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