Friday, October 14, 2011

Piano Bench turned Coffee Table

Thank you, thank you Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  Once again, you've turned a shy,hidden and neglected beauty into a Star.  This time your color "Aubusson Blue" had the magic touch.

Imagine an old piano bench with no finish left on it and the laminate savagely torn from the lid. Well, that's the before (I hope you have a good imagination because I forgot to take a before photo!  My eagerness to start the makeover seems to freeze my brain from remembering a before shot!) It was a larger than normal bench, so I knew it would make an awesome coffee table.  The whole thing was solid and the top had enough "character" (aka "damage") to work with this vintage style.

  Anyway, her she is:

Just look at these legs!  Aren't they classic?  This is what drew me to the bench in the first place.  I knew Chalk paint was just the thing to make the details pop.

The inside was actually in the worst condition.  I chose to cover it with some paintable wallpaper I already had and then painted it the same blue.  It's a fun little area for storing (hiding) the remotes from little fingers!

I fall in love with each piece I do, so sometimes it hard to let them go.  Alas, this beauty found a lovely, new home with a gal in downtown Chicago. She even got to ride home in the back of a Mini Cooper! That let me know for she that she'd found the right home to go to!!


  1. Sure! I actually turned a coffee table (about the same size as a piano bench) into an upholstered piece. See the post

  2. Erin, may I use this picture/article in a post on my blog? I cannot find any contact information for you or I would've emailed. Thanks a bunch! Love your blog!


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