Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Master Bedroom

I tend to first decorate and work on the main level rooms since that is where we spend most of our waking hours.  The kids rooms get decorated next as they develop interests.  The Master Bedroom seems to always be the last one done.  Mine wasn't too bad to begin with.  It just never quite seemed "right" to me.  The last few months I've been slowly making some changes, acquiring some linens, artwork, and objects and sewing up a storm.  While it's not 100% done yet, I felt I could finally post some pictures.  Get ready for a bunch!

For instructions on how I made the sunburst mirror (yes, it's made of a LOT of wood shims,) follow the instructions found at this blog

I found the Peri Duvet cover at TJ Maxx and made the greek key pillows.  The light tan matelasse coverlet was found at a garage sale for all of $6!  I love the lighter look for summer and come winter, I can reverse the duvet and coverlet for more warmth.

Instead of buying the matching nightstands that went with our bedroom set, I decided to hold out for something different that wouldn't  make the room so "matchy-matchy."  As luck would have it, one year we won a furniture drawing!  We selected two of these chests to serve as our nightstands.  We loved the formal "old-world" look of them and the storage they offered us.

As you face the bed, this wide dresser is just to the left of the bed.  I loved the square mirror it came with!  We hung a fun print of Florence my husband and I found while traveling there.  I found the perfect frame (with mat) at Michaels when they were having a 50% off + addtional 25% off sale of their frames!  Score!!

This wall is to the right of the bed.  I took the sepia pictures and the large picture on the dresser. I played with them a bit more with "picnik" and then framed them. It's fun to be surrounded by reminders of some of the countries we've been blessed to be able to visit.

This is the wall directly across from the bed.  We have a large shelf above the two doors (into the room and into the master bath.)  This wall has been really hard for me to decorate.  I finally like how the shelf looks and am still playing around with the wall art and that underdecorated bookshelf.  That chair has alot of history to it, so I'd like to keep it.  I reupholsted it a few years ago, but may still redo it again in something brighter when I find just the right fabric. Amazingly, it only took about 3yds of fabric and didn't take me that long to do.

The oil painting of Kyoto was found at a yard sale, the pen and ink of Italy above the bookshelf, and the long panorama print of Venice up high were all found at garage sales, yet all had meaning to us since we'd traveled to those countries.  I love using items that aren't just pretty, but inspire and comfort us, especially in a personal space like a bedroom.

It's hard to capture how lovely this fabric is that I found at fabric.com.  It has a lovely cream color with a classic trellis pattern.  I lined them and they give a neutral, but full look to the windows.  I'm saving up to replace the ugly IKEA blinds (totally the wrong wood color and outside mounted-ughhh.)

There are always going to be some tweaks to make here and there in the future.  If I found a nice rug cheaply I'd love that or a bench for the foot of the bed.  I LOVE to replace the ceiling fan with a chandelier but that is never going to happen (we HAVE to have that fan to survive the humidity here!)

Want to see some other fun Master Bedrooms done by other DIY-ers?  I'm linking up to Roomspiration and you can go there to see others.


  1. SO pretty!! I love that mirror over the bed and those curtain panels are lovely! And your bedding -- I cannot believe you found that duvet at TJMaxx and that coverlet at a garage sale?! Get out! Great finds!! I'm so glad you linked up to Roomspriation! :)

  2. LOVE that mirror. I have seen a kazillion diy sunburst mirrors but that one is probably my fave!! Great job!


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