Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Mantel

I've actually had this put together for a while and yet it's taken me this long to post about it. After the Christmas decor came down, I needed something to put on my foyer mantel.  While Valentine's day seemed the obvious decor route to go, I knew I HAD to have something to last longer than until Feb. 14th.  It's just become that type of year for me.  I'm so busy and don't have as much time for rearranging and redecorating.

After decorating for the wedding reception, I figured I was crazy not to re-use a few elements.  I grabbed 4 of the glass vases and partially filled them with Epsom Salt (the dollar store was the cheapest way to buy it.)

Since we've had a very snow-less winter so far, I thought it'd be fun to "make" some of our own!  I took some of the Dogwood Branches leftover from the wedding and added some "frost" to them.  I sprayed each branch with spray adhesive and then sprinkled more Epsom salt and coarse glitter on them.  The light catches it just right and they sparkle!

I found a free printable online that said "Let it Snow" and figured that would be a better option than running outside to do a snow dance. So far even that hasn't worked!  I put the print in an old frame I already had. I also had an old, gold frame that I quickly spray painted silver. I added a few candles and silver votive holders and that was it! Simple display of silver, white and glass.

And as part of the whole New-Year-clean-and-reorganize thing, I decided our entry shoe situation HAD to change.  I looked everywhere for a solution that the family would actually use. I swore I'd never buy any furniture from IKEA, but I finally cried "Uncle!"  These cabinets were just the best solution out there.  They're narrow, yet hold enough shoes out of sight.  So far it's working perfectly for us!! I had just barely sold some of my furniture re-dos and it was just enough to get these guys. Yeah!

Ahhh. Much better. Happy foyer, happy me!!


  1. Beautifully done! Are these cabinets listed online? Could you provide a link? Thanks.

  2. Yes, they're online at http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80156120/#/60216907 They are called the Hemnes Shoe cabinet. It comes in 3 colors. There is also a similar model that is shorter.

  3. Your foyer looks great! I love the mantel decor and the shoe cabinets.

  4. I've been wanting to pair two of these tall ones together, but all the other blogs show two short ones. Thanks for posting this! Did you have to cut any of the top "mantle" part in the middle where they meet so they would butt up flat against each other? And, did you put a flat piece of wood on top too? Looks awesome! Thanks


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