Saturday, June 19, 2010

A quick project

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog!  We had a crazy last few weeks of school and then I was off to join my husband on his business trip to Lisbon, Portugal.  It was a wonderful trip and now I'm all recharged and ready to do projects again.  Until I get some finished and pictures to post, here is a minor project I managed to finish before things got nuts.

I made this "vintage" ticket sign to go in our basement once it's complete. We're putting in a twisty tube slide to the basement so I thought this would be fun near the entrance to the slide (my husband has always wanted to have a slide to a basement and wouldn't you know, we found a way to make it work for this house. Yipee. I wish we could skip all the other finishing and just get the slide done!)  For now, the sign is in a different spot, but you get the idea.

I found this gnarled, old piece of wood for $1 at a garage sale a few months ago and knew it'd make an awesome sign. Look at that lovely, rotten edge (I know, I'm partly insane to be excited about decayed wood!)

I lightly sanded it and then sprayed it sparsely with some off white spray paint.

Once again, I gently sanded it. I then printed out the lettering I wanted in a banner-making program. I taped it onto the wood and put a sheet of carbon paper under it.  I then traced the letters with pencil. All I had to do then was fill in all the lines with a black paint pen.

And voila, a faux vintage sign for our hopefully, very fun basement.

Here are some fun photos I found as inspiration for my vintage sign:

(morningt blog)
Look at that lovely piece of wood above the door.  Love it against that blue wall!

Isn't that the cutest sign? It's actually taken from a Jimmy Buffet song.  I've GOT to make one of these for the rec room downstairs.  Love the color and everything.

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  1. That's very clever and looks authentically old.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.

    I love your projects and your inspiration photos.

    I'm a new follower :)

  2. never been here before. love your blog!

    what a great sign. i love how the letters get taller then shorter (ascend descend?). looks like from an old traveling show. i've been wanting to do some old looking signs, too.

  3. What a fab sign, love the rustic piece of wood!

  4. Love that wood piece! That feature certainly seals the deal on your old sign. Very cool. :)


  5. oh I love this!!! it looks so authentic

  6. Love that rustic piece of wood! ...a tube slide to the basement -- that's every kid's dream!

  7. gave you an award at my blog.

  8. what an adorable project! Thank you so much for sharing ;) Your blog rocks!



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