Monday, June 19, 2017

Updated Kitchen Island

Finally posting some pictures of the updated island. It's only been done for almost 6 months! Remember, I never said I was blogging for money or fame, just posting when I have time (and there's been precious little of it since moving to Texas!)

When looking at my kitchen, I would love to change the cabinets tone to have less orange to it, but that is just too big of a project to take on at this time. Painting them is an option, but not one I want to do now while my floors are tile.  I love a white kitchen, but only when the floors are wood, otherwise it feels too sterile to me. So that option needed to be put off until the floors are ready to be replaced (hopefully in about 5 years.)

So in the meantime, I chose to have my handy, dandy husband add some trim, beadboard and paint.
First, we added a bit more trim to the already beadboarded bar area:

Painted out:

Feet were added to the kickplate front for some furniture-like character:

The ends were both given trim and an x design:

Beadboard also added to the back side, trimmed and the outlet moved to be vertical:



The final touch was to add a pendant lantern fixture to our eat-in area. One can light at 10 feet didn't give nearly enough light at night. We used an adapter kit and swagged it to be centered over the banquette area:

So hard to get a good picture with all the light:

 I know these pictures stink, but my nice camera needed fixing. I'll try to retake them soon and replace them.


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